We found a huge but empty restaurant for breakfast. A rather surly woman served us but the food was really good. Bill asked for coffee and she went away and came back with one coffee. I asked for a coffee two so she went back to the kitchen and brought me one. Later, when Bill asked for another coffee, she brought him another cup. She never bothered to ask if I also wanted one. Strange.After breakfast, we left our gear in our room and took a ride to Edward James Garden. Bill asked the guy at the parking lot the best way to get to Las Pozas. We followed his instructions and ended up on a narrow bumpy road going DOWN! What a hairy ride! And there was an abrupt corner at the bottom.Las Pozas where Edward James garden is, was just a short ride. We spent an hour or so wandering through the surrealistic jungle then headed back to our posada to check out. Warm, sunny 27

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