Drove through some low mountains with really great twisty roads. In the state of Puebla everything seems prosperous. There are small pueblos surrounded by fields of sugar cane, corn and market gardens. The roads are all in good repair and the towns well organized by Mexican standards.As we continued through the mountains the terrain became drier with more cacti. There are so many different kinds- some tall and straight like telephone poles, others with many bloated branches .As soon as we crossed into Oaxaca, everything changed. The terrain looks even drier with ripened grasses between the cacti. There were few trees. The road became an obstacle course of pits, cracks and holes. I guess there is not as much money in this state.We ate sandwiches at a pizzeria while we tried to figure out how to get to our airbnb. Our directions were not very complete. The owner is going to meet us in the Zocalo in an hour.Hungry now, going to eat.

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