The GPS seemed to indicate that we could continue in the direction we were facing as we left the Posada, so we did.The road was full of potholes that were full of water and it was raining lightly. Finally we got to a much better road and we enjoyed the tropical scenery as we wound up through some hills. Here and there we saw fallen trees. It looked like the banks had given way and slid down to the road with the trees.After we had driven for about half an hour, the GPS told us to make a uturn! We had driven almost to the coast!There was no choice but to turn around and go back to Catemaco then out to the highway. For a couple of hours we followed the free highway through lots of small pueblos. This was mostly cattle country. You could see in various places the cabelleros on their horses, cowboy hats and all.The locals don’t waste any land. They grow crops all along the sides of the road. I’ve seen corn, squash, and a crop I don’t recognise. Sometimes these fields are about 6 feet wide and 2 kilometers long!We took the opportunity to finish the last third of the journey on the cuota highway. More expensive but much faster. The rain was pretty steady all day and we were tired of driving in it.

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