Patti and Rafael suggested we stay at this little hotel in the Cañada district in Palenque. 

It is really nice with its own restaurant and swimming pool. We checked in and headed for the pool. Wonderful!

Later we ate some Sopa Azteca and went to the Zocalo in town. It was not very big or fancy. We sat for a little while and headed back to the hotel.For dinner we decided to try a different place. I didn’t feel like walking back to the Zocalo so we chose a well populated restaurant close to the hotel. We were in the middle of dinner when, you guessed it, it started to rain.   Luckily our table was under a big tent instead of just a patio umbrella. It.poured and poured.    We lingered over dinner and when the rain tapered off we scurried back to our hotel.

Decent airconditioning can be a blessing in the tropics. We actually used it because we were tired of being damp all the time. The humidity can be pretty oppressive.

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