Today we took a colectivo  to the Palenque Ruins right from the end of our street. A Mexicano got on at the same time and by the time we reached the archaeological site he had talked us into having him guide us through the jungle. It turned out to be a trail or sendero that we could have followed ourselves.  However, It was beautiful and we didn’t stay on the official path, but headed out on a small trail that took us across streams, over mounds of unburied ancient buildings and past great old trees hanging with vines and succulents.

It was a beautiful morning for a hike in the jungle- before the heat of the day. Unfortunately of course it meant we had to do the Palenque ruins later in the morning. Man was it hot and humid!  However we occasionally got a breeze that ,when combined with our sweat, served to cool us down quite pleasantly. The ancient city is enormous and the main buildings are truly impressive.







No amount of pictures can really do justice to. You have to be there.






Weather- Overcast 25C  Humid!

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