Arrived in Tenosique around noon and searched for a hotel. Found one close to the down town and waited for half an hour for our room to be cleaned.Our room was a strange mixture of brand new, incomplete and ill-conceived.The good: Brand new, well functioning airconditioning in a block building. Keeps cool for a long time.New shower, lots of water pressure (Not hot)Comfortable bed ,large room with closet and hangers. Clean, brand new tv- flatscreen! (too bad we never watched it), WiFi (albeit slow)

We went for a walk down to the river. There was a boatload of people just leaving shore. It had to fight hard against the current. We realized that this was not a tour boat, it was a ferry taking people to the other side. Many fish were jumping out of the brown murky water along the edge of the river. They looked like mini dolphins.On the way to our hotel we stopped for a green smoothie. Delicious!

The bad: No bottles of water,  Outlet by bedside table not installed – wires are there, but no receptacleNo towel bar in bathroom. Smoke detector not installed.  Sprinkler head installed but has not been unwrapped- wonder if it is actually attached to water? Absolutely no attempt at decor! White walls, white floors, white bedspread, white towels.

We ate at a Chinese restaurant. I had thought it was a buffet but instead it was like how you buy food in a mall food court. 1, 2, or three items plus rice. I chose 2 items. The server piled my plate high, so Bill ordered 1 item. We sat down and dug in. The food was lukewarm. Even though I was hungry, my tummy rebelled. I just couldn’t trust the food in a tropical area even though the restaurant was airconditioned. Neither of us sufferer any problems, but still… Weather:  Partly cloudy 30C

(Bill) We decided to stop here since it’s the last decent size town with any hotels before we cross into Guatemala. We have read some reports on motorcycles crossing successfully at a relatively new smaller crossing at El Ceibo. The smaller crossings generally mean less trucks and maybe less traffic and hopefully less hassle. It didn’t take long to get here and we managed to find a pretty nice brand new hotel downtown for 550 pesos with a quiet working air conditioner. We found a store selling smoothies so we had Lorraine’s new favourite lunch break, a verde. Pleasant conversation with the store owner who was a big blue jays fan. Then a stroll down the street where Lorraine bought a new dress and I got a pozal from the street, a local cold drink made from corn that was a bit grainy.

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