The bridge on the highway to El Ceibo was under construction so the main road was closed at Tenosique. The roadblock had a guard who told us to take a detour. He explained how in Spanish and with lots of gestures. We took a look at Google maps and wound our way through some residential streets then out into some farm land.






The road here was little more than a rutted cow path, but it got us back to a more or less paved road that eventually went over a small bridge then after about ten minutes hooked up with the main road to El Ceibo.

The detour took about half an hour. Not bad!
At the border we stopped in at the banercito. It is a building on the Mexican side of the border. A very cheerful young man came out to take pictures of our vin number and Bill followed him back in while I stayed with the bike. He was back in under ten minutes. We each took a bathroom break then headed to Guatemala a few meters away.
Security people motioned us to park and we went into the immigration building- basically a portable where a man at the counter took our passports and handed us a declaration form to fill out. We did and he returned our stamped passports and took the forms. Next Bill had to go into a truck parked in front of the immigration office. I stayed with the bike. After a few minutes he came out and went back into immigration. 

As you can see, this border is not very busy.  I think we were about an hour getting through, so not exactly efficient either.  Finished 11:10am

Weather:  sunny, breezy 30″


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