The first room we were given was very hot and stuffy and it turned out that the air conditioner didn’t work. I chose a room that was beside the parking lot where we could keep an eye on the bike. The attendant turned on our air conditioner and it worked fine in the new room.
The last part of our trip through the mountains was rainy and rather chilly. We went from a height of 2900 meters in the mountains, down to 43 meters at Tuxtepec. Our pants and coats were still a bit damp so we spread them on the second bed in our room. Then we went out for food.
I felt like pizza so we walked about a kilometer to a Domino’s pizza. It was freezing in there! As we were eating the sky opened up and the rain came teeming down. A veritable tropical deluge. We thought it would pass fairly quickly but it was still raining hard when it was time to leave.
I never really realized how efficient storm sewers are in Canada. In Tuxtepec the roads had become rivers. There was no way to cross a road without being ankle deep in rushing. water. We quickly gave up any attempts at staying dry. It wasn’t going to happen. We made our way back to our hotel room no problem.
We shivered at the thought of entering our airconditioned room. But as it turned out the cooling part of the unit had quit so it was a lot warmer in side than outside. We took off our wet clothes and wrung them out as best we could, including our shoe insoles.
The room became very warm and humid, but there was nothing we could do about it. There was a large window that opened but we were on the ground floor and anybody could have just stepped through the window like was an open door. I think this was the most unsecured place we have ever stayed in in Mexico.
So we went to bed around 10ish in the sweltering heat. It took me much longer than Bill it get to sleep but it must have happened because the next thing I know our TV is blaring at us. I leaped out of a dead sleep. Bill got up and found the remote and turned it off. It was 1 am.
We had a repeat performance at 3am and again around 4:30am. Bill got up and pushed buttons on the TV until it finally went off. Apparently the remote was no longer working. We got up around 7:30am and had coffee on the pation by the pool.

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