Our airbnb was within walking distance of a little zoo called Yumka. Actually it is more like the African Lion Safari back home. Most of the animals re free to roam very large enclosures.


We were driven around for a tour in spanish in a trolley pulled by a very noisy tractor.














In the aviary there was a very friendly peacock who insisted on being in every photo!



I’d had enough walking and it kept raining on us so we took a colectivo back to our airbnb. This one was actually going in the opposite direction but we could either stand there and wait for it to come back or get on and take a tour of the neighbourhood. For a few pesos we had a tour of several small pueblos before getting off close to our accomodations.

In the afternoon we decided we had enough time to visit a park that has a lot of giant Olmec heads on display.






Rafael was headed into town so gave us a ride. We enjoyed a stroll through the beautiful park, looking at the ancient monuments that had been relocated to this park from an area that was being destroyed by the petroleum industry.
The last stretch of walking trail took us close to the river where people were fishing. When they caught fish too small to keep they threw them to some small racoon-like animals called Zapotes who climbed up on a retaining wall to eat them.

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