Apr 18, 2018
6:40 PM

Name: Joe Kelleher
Location: Patzcuaro, Michoacán
Notes: We met Joe for dinner with our friends, Georgia and Fher then we went back to Georgia’s casita and packed the bike. We headed out following our gps to finally arrive at ‘Villas del Sol’ where Joe lives. The house is located half way up a steep hill that is paved in some places with cobblestone and in others with paving stones. The house is built into the side of the hill. From the front it looks smallish but there is a whole other floor downstairs where the guest bedrooms are. The master bedroom overlooks the living room.
Joe introduced us to ‘gato’ his cat. Gato has some Siamese judging by the big blue eyes. Joe explained the idiosyncrasies of his home and made sure we were comfortable. Bill is taking Joe to the bus station in the morning when we will begin our last house sit of the season.
Weather: Sunny
Temperature: 25

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