8:14 PM

Name: Bye bye Front teeth
Location: Merida: Yucatan Dental

Notes:: Dr. Jesus Sanchez at Yucatan Dental made me a temporary bridge and installed it today. I had seen him on Tuesday and discussed options.
1. Cut old bridge off leaving the crown on the good tooth and using a removable splint in place of front teeth.
Caveat: The crown might not be saveable.
2. Remove bridge and create a new temporary one that would involve the tooth beside the one that is being removed. Downside: Involving a perfectly healthy tooth, cost of two crowns.
I chose option 2. The temporary bridge is non removable, just like what I have already. Also it will be easier to match all the teeth when I finally get my implants.
At 10:30am I Ubered to the dental office for the procedure and around 1:00pm they ubered me over to Dr Roberto Sosa’s clinic where he promptly removed my infected tooth.
Bill also had his implants installed today, so here we both sit at our Airbnb waiting for the freezing to come out.
Entry located at: https://www.google.com/maps/@20.9888581,-89.6319554,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

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