We crossed the border into Mexico at Piedras Negras. The border guard asked us the usual ‘where are you going’ ‘where are you from’ ‘do you have anything to declare’ He nodded to us and told us to have a good trip. He never even asked to see our passports.Later, in place called Allende we had to stop and import our motorcycle and get our tourist visas. This took about an hour. We were the only ones there when we arrived and another two travellers came in after us.All over every door and window were signs that said there was no photocopying available on site. Yet along with passports, ownerships, proof of payment for visas, we also had to have copies of all those documents, including the visas they just issued! With some gentle pleading on Bill’s part and the passing of 50 pesos we got everything that we needed.We drove for another couple of hours through the desert. It is very industrial around here. They have mined coal here for a long time so there is a coal fired electrical plant and steel manufacturing.The town we are staying in is here because of the steel industry. There are smokestacks belching out a reddish smoke over the city suburbs. Reminds me of the Hamilton of my childhood.Our hotel is as basic as they come. However the is WiFi and air in our room. the shower and toilet are clean as is the rest of the small tired room.We’ll it is just for the night. Fco. I. Madero SN-C EUZKADI Guadalupe 25750 Monclova, Coahuila Partly cloudy 36

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