Gulf Coast Trip

9:39 AM

Name:: Border
Location: Brownsville to Matamoros, Mexico
Notes: There has been a lot of articles published recently about the travel restrictions the US government has put out for Mexico. The worst state is Tamaulipas- exactly the one we were just about to enter! This area is deemed to be as dangerous as middle East war zones and I must admit I was feeling rattled. But Bill pointed out the other no go state is Michoacan and we spent several weeks there last year and will be spending a couple more this year because we are planning to return to Patzcuaro for another house sit. So we headed for the border.

There were very few people at immigration and the officer was pleasant and helpful. We were given our tourist cards valid for 6 months. After passing through immigration I went outside with the bike while Bill completed the importation of the Tenere. A customs inspectors came over to talk to me about the bike and asked whether we had been to all of the places on our stickers. With his smattering of English and my little bit of Spanish we communicated very well.
I asked him about the safety of Mexico and he told me to make sure not to wear flashy jewelry or expensive clothes and to not travel at night. All of the things that we already know and practice.
He was such a nice guy. His name was Rodolfo.
We were on our way at 10:25am. Less than an hour crossing the border.

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