Gulf Coast trip
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Name:: Hotel San Miguel
Location: Cerro Azul, Vera cruz, Mexico
Notes: It was a long day of riding- not so much distance but road condition. The first half of the day took us through more flat land that waa being either cash cropped or used for grazing cattle. Then we entered Tampico. This busy city has a lot of oil refineries. I guess they take in the crude oil from the off shore rigs in the gulf. We twisted through some city streets then found ourselves on a secondary road absolutely full of potholes. Leaving Tampico also meant leaving the state of Tamaulipas and entering Veracruz.
The bad road continued all the way to Cerro Azul but instead of being flat land we now travelled through a series of hills covered in semi tropical vegetation. All of a sudden instead of plowed fields we were among orange groves just loaded with oranges. All along the road there were fruit stands selling mostly oranges and some kind of nuts.
This area all seems to be ejido lands- meaning that they belong to the indigenous people. The villages consist of small cement block buildings with tin or palapa roofs or stick and clay buildings parged with white stucco. The villages.always had small eateries like the one we stopped at for lunch. (See previous post)
The temperature got warmer as they day wore on and we got further south but the clouds also rolled in. It never rained but the air became much more humid.
The first hotel we stopped at in this town didn’t have secure parking but the proprietor directed us to this hotel that suited us fine. The double bed is hard but will be okay for one night. There is hot water and a tv but no wifi. Still what more can you ask for $15.00!
Accomodation: Hotel/motel
Meal: None
Entry located at:,-97.7398030,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

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