Gulf Coast trip
March 3
11:52 PM
Rating: 3.0

Location: Siaan Kaan, Chelem
Notes: We left Merida and went back to Chelem for the day so we could enjoy the cooler air and a swim in the gulf. This little beach club is quiet and pleasant if a bit run down. The pool looked iffy today. It is one that is not sanitised with clorine. They just empty it and refill it when it gets too gross. Today there were water beetles swimming around in it so I decided to leave them to it.
There were three people kite sufing off the beach. It looked like fun! 40 years ago I would have tried.
Accomodation: None
Cost: 450
Currency: MX
Meal: Lunch
Food: Seafood pasta, jamaica, 3 beers, hamburgesa surf & turf
Cost: 450
Currency: MX
Weather: Sunny
Temperature: 30C
Entry located at:,-89.7109727,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

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