In flight
Dec 31, 2018

Notes: The first flight we’ve taken where we’ve been in the center seats at the very back.
Oh well, its close to the bathrooms!
We landed finally at around 1:30pm about an hour later than expected. Bill called for an Uber cab. He came within 5 minutes, got out of his car and helped Bill put our luggage in the trunk. I tried to open the back door but it was locked. The driver tried to open the front passenger door but it was also locked. His keys were in the ignition! You could see the colour drain from his face! He was already apologising and telling us our ride would be free once he got his car unlocked. You could see him casting about in his mind about how he was going to accomplish this. I suggested he try his driver’s door since Bill’s truck only unlocks the driver’s door with the key fob. I figured it was probably common. He tried it and it was open. With relief on all our parts we got into the car.
He was ready to cancel the fare on Uber but both Bill and I said not to. There was no harm done and no appreciable delay.

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