Dec 31, 2018
5:55 PM

Name: Gabriela’s Airbnb
Location: De las vizcainas, Mexico City
Notes: We went to a building on a wrong street first. This is a really sketchy neighbourhood and this was a particularly sketchy building! Bill was able to phone the father of Gabriella and he directed us to a different place not far away. Still a pretty sketchy area, but the apartment was behind locked doors and inside it was small but nice.
Gabriella happens to be in Canada right now so we have the place all to ourselves.
The complex is nothing to look at from the outside, only a garage door and a people door in a block wall. This faced a small park that covers an underground parking lot.
Once inside the door, there are 3 consecutive apartment buildings. Our apartment was in the middle one. This meant that there were no windows that opened onto a street. Instead, being a ground floor apartment, we had a small, outside courtyard overlooked by the third apartment building. The good thing was that in the middle of Mexico City, it was quiet all night – even on New Years Eve!

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