Belleville Train station2:19 p.m.
Weather: Clear Temp:16CNotes:
And so it begins. At the train station in Belleville for the first leg of our journey to Africa – the Trudeau International airport in Montreal. Estimated time of arrival at the airport- 11:30 am. Our flight doesn’t leave until 7:30pm so we have a looong wait.Entry located at:,-77.3741244,100m/data=!3m1!1e3Trudeau International airport 11:50am

Weather: Overcast  Temp:18C

Notes:  At the airport in Dorval. Taking the train is such an easy way to travel. There is onboard wifi and space for your legs and comfortable seats. Now we sit and wait at the airport until our gate opens and we can check in our luggage. Then we will find some lunch.Bill resorted to getting a cart for our luggage because, after asking around, he discovered we are going to have to carry it with us to get to the check-in which is a bit of a distance from where we are sitting. We are taking Air France to Paris and then Paris to Cape Town. ETA about midnight their time.Eats РLunch 12:09pm

Location: Ubar Resto Bar – Airport

Weather: Overcast

Notes: Italian sausage pizza, 1 pint beer, both shared. Pizza was very different and tasty. Almost worth the exorbitant price.Cost: $40. Incl. TipShared via Flexible Journal

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