Morning Briefing, 7:37 a.m.

Weather: Clear  Temp: 16C

Notes: Briefing- last day in Namibia. 525kms today, all paved roads.

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Eats – Lunch, 12:11 p.m.

Weather: Clear  Temp: 26C

Notes: Stopped for lunch. A group of children gathered at the fence while we ate. Because we cannot take the food across the border tomorrow, we gave them the food and Bayne told them to share it among themselves.

There are lots of people in this area. They live in compounds of round wattle and daub houses surrounded by grass fences. The land has a lot of trees but they look pretty stressed because of the drought. I wonder how these people survive.

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Arrival Kayova River Lodge, 4:10 p.m.

Weather: Clear  Temp: 28C

Notes: The last couple of kilometers were on a dirt road but we reached the lodge without trouble.
We got our room and had showers, then wandered out to look at the river. Yes, a real flowing river…the first we have seen in Africa. Our side of the river is Namibia and the other side is Angola.
This lodge is not as fancy as the accommodations we have had so far and we’ve been told to expect even more modest food and lodging as we head north. Still it was perfectly adequate for an overnight stay.  It even had a pool which Bill and I used even though the water was breathtakingly cold!   The sunset was beautiful over the river.

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Eats – Dinner, 7:03 p.m.

Location: Kayova River Lodge

Weather: Clear  Temp: 25C

Notes: We had to order our dinner about an hour before hand. I ordered the hake fish and Bill had the ? .
The lodge is run by local people and is the project of a catholic priest who started it to help make money for community projects. They are lovely people but have a lot to learn about the hospitality industry.

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