We Arrived in Pachuca following the GPS. We were on a main highway headed for Centro when suddenly the GPS told us to make a hard right turn. It was about to send us DOWN! I asked Bill to stop because I didn’t want to go down that steep narrow road. I was sure there was a more gradual way to approach the city. We tried to get back to the main road we had been on, but didn’t find it Instead we took another road that wound us back up a mountain and across a valley to the other side of the city. This time we stayed on the main road and entered the city at a much more respectable descent.Our airbnb is a private home- a very large and beautiful home. The bike has its own private garage and we have a huge room with a kingsized bed.We dropped off our bags, changed our clothes and our host Jose Carlos drove us to a restaurant.I had the best warm shower when we got back and spent the rest of the evening relaxing in a sitting room just outside our bedroom. Mariano Arista 201B Centro 42000 Pachuca, Hidalgo Partly cloudy 15

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