We arrived in the rain, soaking wet, but the posada owner greeted us and showed us the rooms she had available. We chose a small room with a double bed that overlooks a covered patio. Our window can be left open. It is secure and has the patio roof over it.We were able to hang our wet things on a line on the patio. Hopefully they will dry a bit before tomorrow. I forgot to cover the day pack, so it was soaked.Usually the owner cooks but today she is sick, so we had to fend for ourselves. There was a break in the rain, so we headed toward the lake. There were many very bored boat drivers waiting to take non-existent tourists out onto the lake who decended upon us as we walked by.



We found a small restaurant and ordered sopa Mariscos and ensalada mariscos. Both were very good and not very expensive.


Afterward we went to the zocalo to see the church, then walked along the main street looking to buy a cheap rain poncho for me.



It was raining again but much more lightly.We walked back to the posada for a rest. Later we braved the rain again to go out for bbq chicken at a fairly local restaurant. It was really delicious but while we were there the rain intensified so that we couldn’t see across the street. Every so often there was a bright flash of light over the rooftops and parts of the town would go dark. At first we thought it was lightning, but then we realized it was an electrical fault somewhere that was affected by the torrential rain.I was pretty soaked where my poncho ended. Good thing I’ve been wearing my plastic sandals.

Weather- cloudy, light rain 24C

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