Montreal, Quebec, Canada

It was an easy trip from home to Montreal in our truck pulling a toy-hauler containing our Super Tenere.  We had spent the last week sorting our equipment and deciding what to pack on the bike and what we would have to carry with us on the plane in January.   The Tenere was going to be loaded onto a transport truck and shipped to Fort Lauderdale, we will fly down to meet it there in January.

With the bike:  camping equipment (ie. tent, sleeping pads, chairs, pots, plates, cutlery, stove, tupperware, condiments), camelbaks, tools, spare parts, helmets, pants, my boots (Bill’s wouldn’t fit, so he will have to wear them on the plane)

Our Carry-ons: personal clothing, sleeping bags, toiletries (travel sized), hats,

We will be wearing our jackets and whatever footwear we didn’t pack onto the bike (me shoes, Bill boots)


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