Eats – Breakfast, 7:03 AM

Weather: Stormy

Temperature: 18C

Name: IHOP  Cost: $22.61

Notes: This will be our last meal in the USA.  So traditional to eat breakfast here.  I had french toast and bacon, Bill had pancakes, eggs, sausage and of course we both had coffee.
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On the Road, 9:00am

Weather: stormy

Temperature: 16C

Notes:  I was not able to record our trip today because of the rain and my phone not being waterproof.  I put it away and did not take it out again until we got home.  Bill’s records show that we crossed the border at Windsor around 11:00am  and arrived home about 7:00pm.

It rained the whole day, off and on and the temperature got colder and colder  as we headed north to Tweed.  Already I was yearning for that 30+C weather we left not two days ago.

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