September 4, 2019  10:42 a.m.

Location: Victoria Falls

Weather: Clear  Temp: 23C

Notes: Compass tours paid our way into this beautiful rainforest park that contains the best view of the falls. It is dry season so the falls are not as extensive as they are in rainy season. Some say that the prolonged drought in the area has been having a detrimental effect in the long term as well.  They were spectacular none the less.

It is interesting that although the surrounding area is semi desert and dry, where the spray from the falls lands, the vegetation is more like rainforest.  The path along the falls meanders in and out of such areas.

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September 4, 2019, 4:07 p.m.

Title:  High Tea at the Victoria Falls Hotel

Notes: You can’t come to Victoria Falls without going to the Victoria Falls Hotel for high tea. Beautiful old hotel that has been meticulously maintained.  We enjoyed our high tea with some others from our group and then strolled around the beautifully maintained grounds.  You can see the famous bridge that spans the Victoria Falls gorge.

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