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Tour of Commonwealth cemetary and military museum, El Alamein.
The museum is located in a very newly developed area. The roads are virtually empty in the half built area. The museum itself is very nicely done, with interpretive signs in English, Arabic and whatever the language was of the soldiers who fought.(ie Italian to describe the Italian’s war in the 2nd world war)
The memorial cemetery contains the remains of the soldiers who died in the desert. The grave markers speak of young men, some as young as 17, a whole generation of young men who never got to live their lives.  The Egyptians seem to take this monument very seriously and so far there has been very good upkeep on the property.  Time will tell.

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Notes:  Built 1477. Fortress for protection on peninsula.  Our tour did not include entry to the fortress, we only got to look at it from the outside.

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November 1, 2019, 7:01 p.m.
Compass Tours Goodbye dinner

Location:  SeaSide Seafood Restaurant

The lovely lady from the import/export company that assisted our riders in sending the bikes back home, suggested this seafood restaurant overlooking the harbour.  It was indeed a wonderful restaurant with fresh fish and seafood on ice that you could choose for yourself what you wanted. 

The only problem showed up when one of our riders tried to order a bottle of wine.  Nope, it was a dry restaurant.  Our hostess was so apologetic, it had not occurred to her that no alcohol would be a problem.  While the wine-less rider left in a huff, the rest of us made the best of it, afterall, we were in a Muslim country.  The least we could do was forego booze with our otherwise spectacular meal.

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