My name is Lorraine and my husband’s name is Bill. We are a retired couple who live in a wooden cottage on the beach of a small lake in Ontario, Canada.  We have been married since 1979 and raised two beautiful and talented daughters together.

While our children were young we lived on a small farm where I boarded horses,tended chickens, and grew vegetables in an effort to “live off the earth”.  When the girls entered school full time, I worked as an outdoor educator at a conservation area, teaching school children about the natural world.  When I retired in 2011, I went back to school to learn how to teach English as a second language with the idea that skill might come in useful during our extended travels.

For nearly 40 years Bill owned and operated a motorcycle shop in Ontario, Canada called Machine Racing.  He started this business with the toss of a coin.  When his grandmother died, Bill was given a small inheritance.  While ‘bench-racing’ with some biker friends he said he didn’t know if he should use the money to buy a sidecar rig and go racing or start a motorcycle shop.  Someone suggested flipping a coin and the rest is history.

Forty years is a long time to invest in a small business and Bill had always wanted to do long-distance travel by motorcycle.  We had done some small trips, never more than 3 weeks a year, but both of us looked forward to devoting more time to travel and less to work.

So for us retirement doesn’t mean sitting back in a rocking chair contemplating the falling snow. Nor are we the kind of people who want to head to a condo in Florida.   Instead we are the type who look for adventure and opportunities to learn about new places and cultures.

Come with us as we explore the world!



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