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You can shorten the line at your parts counter and run your dealership with just as much efficiency as the grocer down the street who scans products at the cash register and has barcodes on everything. Inventory barcode software comes standard on all our PowerTrac inventory control software systems. Using barcoding technology dramatically reduces checkout time and improves pricing accuracy. This shortcut makes it possible to scan items and print an invoice in as little as 7 seconds.

Today, more and more of the items that you stock are shipped to you "pre-barcoded." This is convenient because you don't have to label all of the new items yourself. Our barcode inventory system can recognize any barcode that matches up with the part numbers found in the catalogs your vendors publish. You can even train the system to recognize UPC codes!

Additionally, if you have items that do not already have barcodes, PowerTrac makes it easy to print your own. When you use the system to create purchase orders, you have the option to automatically print barcodes for all items as you receive them. We've made it possible for you to keep barcodes on every item in your shop with minimal effort.

If you can appreciate the increased efficiency of over-the-counter sales provided by barcoding and scanning, you'll also be interested in learning how PowerTrac works with motorcycle parts microfiche software. Visit the electronic microfiche page to learn more.

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