Gulf coast trip

March 30
3:03 PM

Name: Brian & Laura Gray

Location: North Merida, Yucatan

Notes: We arrived just after noon to our next sit. Our homeowner, Brian, was here to greet us and give us keys, house instructions and glasses of cold water. We met Danni the terrier mutt and the old dog, Saki. We also met Simba who mostly hangs out on top of the fridge because Danni doesn’t like him. I saw Charlie, the ragdoll saunter by but he didnt bother to come and say hello. So far we haven’t seen the third cat, Jesse.
Bill took Brian and his daughter Logan to the airport in Merida early on Saturday morning. The Grays have graciously allowed us to use their car while we are here .
Later on Saturday Bill went to pick up Jehn from her BnB and bring her back here.

During our time here we were able to make some day trips to the Museum of Mayan Culture, the beach, and cenotes as well as explore the local neighbourhood.

The dogs are kind of fun but Danni works really hard at escaping whenever she can. She is not really leash trained but we take her and Saki out each evening for a walk and sniff of the neighbourhood. Charlie the rag doll is very sweet. He likes to snuggle with me on the couch. Simba is a noisy guy who is very bothered by Danni. Laura has put his food dish on top of the refrigerator so he can eat in peace. He basically haunts the upper surfaces like the counters and table in the house and loves to be petted.
Jesse we barely saw. She slept on a cushioned bench in the master bedroom but snarled and hissed if I tried to touch her. She would slink downstairs for food occasionally and went outside through the cat door when she felt like it. I just made sure there was water in the upstairs and downstairs bowls and that there was always food available for everyone.

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