Gulf coast trip

April 1
9:43 AM

House sit Merida

Location: North Merida, Yucatan

Notes: We were sitting on the front patio drinking our coffee first thing this morning when a man passing by asked us if we had surveillance cameras on the house. Bill said quite honestly that we didnt know because we were just visiting. A few minutes later a police truck pulled up and a bunch of guys jumped out- not in uniform- and pulled a couple of hazard cones out of the back along with some police line tape.
The men walked up and down the road in front of us, five abreast, then they disappeared from our view.
Jehn suggested that we go up to the upper patio to see if we could see anything so we did. What we saw was a Honda suv being dusted for fingerprints. Several people were searching inside the vehicle as well. This house is on a street that is not easy to get to and I guess someone thought it was a good place to abandon a stolen vehicle.
A man arrived a while ago with a woman and stayed watching during the whole procedure, even to when the flat bed tow truck came and took the car away. Perhaps he is the owner.
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