Eats – Breakfast, 8:34 AM

Weather: Clear

Temperature: 14C

Name: Hotel restaurant  Cost: 180mx

Notes: Breakfast at our hotel consisted of  scrambled eggs and coffee.  Nothing special, but filling and plenty of protein.  The weather was perfect, nice and cool but clear skies.  Well, as clear as they can be with all the air pollution in this area.

Entry located at:,-99.3446484,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

Gast stop, 10:04 AM

Weather: Sunny


Name: Mobil   Cost: 304.47mx

Notes:  Our route followed a valley snaking through mountains.  The temperature has been pleasant but once we leave the state of Hidalgo and past San Luis Potosi, we will be entering the desert again with its oppressive heat.  I can’t believe the extent of the air pollution.  I always thought it was just around Mexico City, but Queretaro is a huge industrial city too, and there are a number of coal fired power plants there.  It make the otherwise beautiful surroundings a lot less appealing.

Segment 1 located at:,-100.2169669,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

Gas stop, 12:05 PM



Name:Pemex   Cost:221.81mx

Notes:  Our route has us skirting to the east of San Luis Potosi and already the temperature has climbed into the low 30’s.  We plan to stop in Matehuala for the day, since there really isn’t anything else for at least another hour’s travel after that.

Segment 2 located at:,-100.8249865,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

Accommodations, 3:03 PM



Name: Hotel Maria Esther   Cost:500mx

Notes: If it worked before it’ll work again. Stayed here on the way down.  Adequate clean rooms, good hot showers (not that we needed hot!) Popular with Mexican families.  The temperature has skyrocketed again.

Segment 3 located at:,-100.6398920,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

Eats – lunch, 3:05 PM



Name: Hotel restaurant   Cost:220mx

Notes:When it is so hot, I tend to look for cold foods.  Today it was Tuna salad and naranjada.  For Bill it was beer and chicken mole.

Segment 4 located at:,-100.6426625,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

Eats – dinner, 7:40 PM

Name: Restaurant Santa Fe  Cost:300mx

Notes: We both had a hankering for seafood tonight so we found this seafood restaurant. As we were waiting for our food, we studied the rather bizarre decor of the restaurant.  Someone was quite an artist and did this spoof of the ‘last supper’ probably putting in the owner, friends and family members.  Note that the chairs in the painting are the same as the chairs in the room.  Also it’s obviously that it is the same room and the picture is hanging on the same wall as the picture in the painting!  Very fun.

I had filet al la plancha, Bill had camarones al la mexicano, and we both had beer!

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