August 30, 2019 -8:30 a.m.

Location: Sedia Hotel, Maun, Botswana

Weather: Overcast  Temp:23C

We had a good breakfast at the breakfast buffet.  All these hotels seem to do the same thing, continental, pancakes, bacon & eggs, fruit etc.  your choice.  Then we got our selves ready for our Okavango Delta flight.

Notes: We took a cessna 206 over the delta because the canoe trip we were supposed to have was cancelled due to lack of water in the river!

The Okavango delta was desperately dry and many hundreds of acres have burned. There are still lots of animals in this area but they have to range wider and wider to find food and water. I took a picture of the picture of the Okavango Delta in the rainy season.  Quite a contrast!

The flight was great but I couldn’t help feeling like we were way too high to see the animals very well.  It was even harder to get any good pictures of them.


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