Gulf Coast trip
1:57 PM
Rating: 3.0

Name:: Hotel Maria Yolanda
Location: Soto de Maria, Mexico
Notes: There is not a lot of choice in this dilapidated little pueblo. We saw several closed hotels, a couple without secure parking and this one.
The lady in charge was very nice and helpful. She showed us a room upstairs that was large but had a pretty small shabby bed. We opted to pay 20 pesos more for a room on the ground floor with a king bed and parking for the Tenere right outside our door.
We changed into street clothes and followed our hostess’s instructions to a seafood restaurant.not far away. The food was very good and not too expensive.
Accomodation: Hotel/motel
Cost: 370
Currency: MX
Name: Restaurant Tampico
Meal: Lunch
Food: Sea trout dinner X 2, lemonade, beer
Cost: 270
Currency: MX
Weather: Sunny
Temperature: 21
Entry located at:,-98.2070908,100m/data=!3m1!1e3

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